A/C Maintenance for Glendale

Air Conditioning Repair Glendale excels at keeping heating and air conditioning systems running efficiently year-round. Start with our Quality maintenance Agreement and end with a high functioning HVAC system. Find out the reasons to own a Quality Maintenance Agreement:

  • Does your home stay comfortable even on the hottest days? Air Conditioning Repair Glendale offers the Quality Maintenance Agreement to help restore lost capacity.
  • Research shows that electric meters slow and utility expenses are decreased, by up to 30%, with regularly scheduled a/c maintenance.
  • There is no question that mechanical systems last longer with regular maintenance. Air Conditioning Repair Glendale offers a Quality Maintenance A/C Agreement all set to extend HVAC equipment life.
  • It is inevitable that seemingly small problems left untended will someday become large problems. Air Conditioning Repair Glendale offers a comprehensive Quality Maintenance Agreement designed to help prevent a/c breakdowns.
  • Air Conditioning Repair Glendale offers a spring and fall maintenance tune-up at a price of $105 respectively. Our Quality Maintenance Agreement costs only $185 and results in an annual discount.
  • Quality Maintenance Agreement customers receive priority.
  • A complete ACCA ANSI Certified Quality Maintenance Standards report is given to each customer upon the completion of our routine a/c maintenance service.
  • When repairs are warranted, Quality Maintenance Agreement customers pay less with our service agreement, receiving up to 10% on any repairs at a reduced media fitter price.
  • Planned HVAC service should ideally begin immediately after a/c installation and continue until the unit is replaced. An HVAC system that is properly maintained experiences fewer problems and lasts longer.
  • Here at Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning, we service every brand of HVAC system across the greater Los Angeles area. Routine maintenance comes with a great deal of rewards, some financial, others revolved around indoor comfort, and still others linked to the peace of mind that comes with keeping A/C repair costs at bay.